The purpose of is to expose and address the growing problem of biased teaching and indoctrination in K12 classrooms.

Indoctrination is antithetical to education. When a school, teacher, or class promotes an "orthodoxy" (a preferred point of view), students perceive that only certain opinions are welcome or allowed. This creates a "chilling effect" which short-circuits the thinking process. Students quickly learn to self-censor, stop questioning or thinking independently, and simply memorize expected responses in order to please the person in charge of assigning grades. Biased teaching and orthodoxy lead to many long-term societal problems, such as diminished critical thinking ability and impaired reasoning, decreased creativity, and declining support for free speech and misunderstanding of established civic norms, at the college level and in society.

Our goal is to “undoctrinate” our schools – i.e., restore robust intellectual diversity, open inquiry, reasoned dialectic, rigor, credibility, ideological curiosity and inclusiveness, and respect for our shared enlightenment inheritance and traditions. These traditions include humility about the limits of one’s own knowledge and understanding, participation in the ongoing, shared search for “truth” (veritas), and tolerance for dissenting, minority, or unorthodox views.

Published stories on bias and indoctrination in K12 schools:

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"Georgia Teacher Pulled from Classroom for Anti-Obama Rant."
Murphy, Doyle. (April 28, 2015.) New York Daily News. 

"GA Teacher Allegedly Tells Students their Parents are Evil if they Voted for Obama."
Eromosele, Diana. (April 29, 2015.) The Root.

"Anti-Obama Teacher is Placed on Leave in Alabama."
Shuler, Roger. (May 19, 2010.) Daily Kos. 

"Teacher Suspended for President Obama Assassination Lesson."
(May 19, 2010.) The Guardian.

VIDEO: Teacher delivers anti-military rant in class.

"California school district fires teacher who ripped military."
Sanchez, Luis. (March 21, 2018.) The Hill.

"Teacher caught in Bush 'rant.'"
Rouse, Karen. (May 1, 2006.) The Denver Post.

"Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout."
Howerton, Jason. (March 16, 2017.) Associated Press.

“Racial identity policies are ruining Edina’s fabled schools."
Kersten, Katherine. (October 9, 2017.)” Star Tribune.

“Whose Values? Educational Excellence Threatened by Ideology in Edina Schools."
Kersten, Katherine. (Fall 2017.)” Thinking Minnesota.

“Teacher ‘Inappropriately’ Shares Anti-Trump Views: Superintendent.”
Dixon, Kristal. (Sept. 5, 2017.)Woodstock Patch.

Letter to Edina, IL schools from Commissioner of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

"Segregated Staff Meetings at Public Middle School."
Steele, Eli & Feeley, Beth. (March 7, 2018.) National Review Online. 

"School Bus Driver Who Led Prayer with Students Removed from Job."
Delzo, Janissa. (April 21, 2018.) Newsweek. 

"North Carolina High School Teacher Made Students Compare Speeches by Hitler and Trump"
Zilber, Ariel. (September 23, 2016.) Daily Mail. 

Teacher Knows More Than Dictionary

Philadelphia Elementary School Displays Anti-NRA and Anti-GOP signs

"Portland teacher forced to remove anti-Trump message in classroom."
Wilson, Jamie. (May 16, 2017.)  Fox12News.

"Witness: Teacher Caught Telling Parkland Students to Attend Anti-Second Amendment Rally."
Laila, Christina. (Feb. 20, 2018.) Gateway Pundit.

"Education or Indoctrination? Civil Rights Seminar at Renowned High School Sparks Controversy."
Strauss, Valerie. (February 25, 2017.)  Washington Post. 

"San Francisco teachers union offers anti-Trump lesson plan."
Associated Press. (November 16, 2016.)  FoxNews US.

Letter to Minneapolis School District from Commissioner of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

“White middle schoolers forced to stand in front of classmates, apologize for ‘privilege’
Skinner, Victor. (June 21, 2017.)EAGNews.Org

“Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory.”
Kersten, Katherine. (Feb. 1, 2018.) The Weekly Standard.

"Portland Teacher Forced to Remove Anti-Trump Message in Classroom,"
KPTV Oregon

"Teacher Who Reportedly Gave 'Pro-Obama' Homework Crossed Line."
Brown, Maressa. (March 22, 2012.) Cafe Mom.

"Teacher Under Fire for Slipping Anti-Trump Question into Homework," 
NY Post. 

"Staten Island Teacher in Trump Assignment is Disciplined," 
Lore, Diane. (Feb. 17, 2017.)

"Teacher: I Lost $100 Bet Because Trump Wasn't Shot,"
Fox News.

“Can Racism Be Stopped in The Third Grade? An experiment at Fieldston, which starts when 8-year-olds are sorted by race, has some very liberal parents fuming.”
Miller, Lisa. (May 19, 2015.)  New York Magazine.

“Edina Parents and Students Rebel Against Politics in Classroom.”
Steward, Tom. (July 11, 2017.)  Center of the  American Experiment.

“It’s racial indoctrination day at an upscale Chicagoland School.”
Berkowitz, Peter. (February 17, 2017.)  Wall Street Journal.

Teacher Accused of Bullying Middle School Student About Trump

“Front Line in the Fight Against White Supremacy: People often call for an end to politics in the classroom, yet for many scholars, this is our work, argues Nicole Truesdell.”
Truesdell, Nicole. (December 22, 2017.) Inside Higher Ed.

"Local School District Speaks Out After Presentation Compares President Trump to Hitler,"

"Even Students Are Ashamed of This Teacher for Flipping Off the White House," 
NY Post. 

“Teachers are expected to remain politically neutral. These Teachers of the Year say they can’t.”
Strauss, Valerie. (October 14, 2016.)  Washington Post.

“Left-Wing Indoctrination in the Schools: It’s Worse Than You Think,” 
John Hinderaker (July 13, 2017.) Powerline.

Teacher Used Class Time to Call Trump a 'Racist' and a 'Dictator.'
NY Post. 

"Elementary School Students Taught Pro-Obama Songs."
Montopoli, John. (September 24, 2009.) CBS News.

"Heil No! Teacher Draws Trump as Hitler,"
Fox News.

Colorado Teacher Accused of Letting Children Smash up Donald Trump Piñata,

If He or Anyone Else Builds That Wall, I Will Teach My Students How to Tear it Down

History Teacher Suspended After Comparing Trump to Hitler
The Telegraph. 

"Teachers push Pro-Obama Message in Swing States as Election Nears."
Butrymowicz, Sarah. (September 25, 2012.) Huffington Post.

“Edina Parents and Students Rebel Against Politics in Classroom.”
Steward, Tom. (July 11, 2017.) Center of the American Experiment.

“The Rebellion Against Left-Wing Politics in the Schools Continues, and It Isn’t Only Edina,”
Hinderaker, John. (July 12, 2017.) Center of the American Experiment.

“Elite K-8 school teaches white students they’re born racist.”
Sperry, Paul. (July 1, 2016.) New York Post.

"Trump Era Challenges Teachers with Strong Political Views."
Gonzalez, Sarah. (April 13, 2017.) WNYC News.

"Students: Teacher gave anti-Bush vocabulary quiz."
Associated Press. (November 25, 2005.) Fox News.

"High School Teacher Who 'Assassinated' Donald Trump With a Water Pistol While Screaming 'Die' is Suspended,"
Daily Mail. 

"Principal Says Trump Presidency More Troubling Than 9-11," 
NY Post. 

"Parents upset by multiple choice answer: Shooting at Trump."
Moore, Kylie. (October 6, 2017.) Jackson Hole News. 

Middle School Students Taught that Islam is the True Faith
Thomas More Law Center, 2017.

"Classes of Kindergarteners."
Hess, Frederick and Addison, Grant. (October 16, 2017.)National Review.

Social Justice in Elementary School - Canada 

GA Seventh Graders Required to Write Letters to Lawmakers Demanding Gun Control
Timpf, Katherine. (March 29, 2018.) National Review. 

Raleigh Parent Upset About "White Privilege" Paper Sent Home with Student
ABC11/EyeWitness News 

"Appalling Segregation in Evanston"

Letter to Evanston from Commissioner of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 

Parents Outraged Over Moment of Silence in School for Hamas
Klein, Melissa. (May 19, 2018.) New York Post. 

School Must Pay Student $25K After Suspending Him for Wearing a Trump Border Wall Shirt. 
Schreiber, Hope. (July 25, 2018.) Yahoo! News. 

"Teacher's 9/11 Lesson Angers Vernon Family." 
Obernauer, Eric. (September 13, 2018.) New Jersey Herald. 

"Teacher Calls Student an A*Hole for Wearing MAGA Hat" 
Reuters (November 29, 2018.) RT. 

"Virginia High School Teacher Fired for Refusing to Use Transgender Student's New Pronouns" 
Moomaw, Graham. (December 6, 2018.) Richmond Times Dispatch. 

Implicit Bias Training for Teachers in NYC Schools 
Edelman, Susan. (May 25, 2019.) NYPost. 

"Sen. Mazie Hirono Says She Told 8th Graders Their Abortion Rights Are Under Attack at Supreme Court Protest" 
video. Howe, Caleb. (May 21, 2019.) Mediaite.

"California Wants to Teach Your Kids that Capitalism is Racist" 
Evers, Williamson. Wall Street Journal (July 29, 2019.)

NYT 1619 Project to Reframe US History Centering on Slavery
Asmelash, Leah. CNN (August 19, 2019.)

More articles about the 1619 Project

New Study Finds Multiple Problems with Push for Social-Emotional Learning in K-12 Education
Wilson, J.R. Truth in American Education. (March 12, 2019.)

Social-Emotional Learning: K-12 Education as New Age Nanny State
Pioneer Institute: Public Policy Research White Paper No. 192 (March 2019.)

"High School Assignment Forces Kids to Disclose Sexual Orientation, Reveals Massive Political Agenda"
Fox, Megan. PJ Media (September 5, 2019.)

"When the Culture War Comes for the Kids: Caught Between a Brutal Meritocracy and a Radical New Progressivism, a Parent Tries to Do Right By His Children While Navigating New York City's Schools"
Packer, George. The Atlantic (October 2019 issue.)

First graders given  anti-police homework assignment
McKinley, Mitch. (September 28, 2019.) Law Enforcement Today.

Quiz answer refers to President Trump as "Idiot"
McKinley, Mitch. (September 28, 2019.) Law Enforcement Today.

"Woke History is Making Inroads in America's High Schools"
Murawski, John. (October 10, 2019.) Daily Signal.

"Michigan High School Student Says Teacher Ripped Political Pin Off Her Shirt"
Betz, Bradford. (December 10, 2019.) Fox News.

"Virginia School District Gives Students Time for Protests"
Kokotovic, Marlee. (December 27, 2019.) Nation of Change.

"Children in All 50 States Being Taught Revolutionary War Was Fought to Promote Slavery"
DeSoto, Randy. (February 6, 2020.) The Western Journal.

Teacher Allegedly Tells Class Mike Pence Should Be Shot in the Head"
(September 15, 2019.) The College Fix.

"Social justice program says educators should reject, resist parents who disagree with it."
Watkins, Chase. (November 29, 2019) The College Fix.

"We Respond to Historians Who Critiqued the 1619 Project"
The Editors. (December 20, 2019) The New York Times.

"Teachers Should Reject the 1619 Project"
Eden, Max. (December 3, 2019) City Journal.

High School Student Wins Over $600K in Free Speech Case Against His School District
Ruggiero, Angela. (April 7, 2020) The Mercury News.

#ShutdownSTEM and Black Lives Matter 
Parikh, Sudip. (June 9, 2020) American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"The 'anti-racist' drive to turn schools into woke propaganda mills"
Eden, Max. (June 22, 2020) New York Post.

"Teaching Robin DiAngelo's 'White Fragility' will get you sued."
Mill, Adam. (July 20, 2020) The Federalist.

"BLM, Pride flag decision stirs debate."
Whitcomb, Keith. (July 21, 2020) Mills River School District.

"Billionaire John Paulson rips elite Spence School for anti-white indoctrination."
Smith, Emily. (July 7, 2020) Page Six.

"Gutless New Jersey Principal: Thin Blue Line promotes racism, microaggressions."
Editorial (August 4, 2020) Law Enforcement Today.

"Educator worries how conservative helicopter parents affect virtual race discussions."
Huber, Dave. (August 9, 2020) The College Fix.

"Teachers Openly Fret that Parents Might Hear them Brainwashing Children: Calls Parents 'Dangerous.'"
Walsh, Matt. (August 10, 2020) Daily Wire. 

"TN mom says parents asked to sign 'ridiculous waiver' they will not eavesdrop on kids' online lessons.'"
Parke, Caleb. (August 21, 2020) Fox News. 

"Educators support Black Lives Matter""
Kurtz, Holly. (June 25, 2020) Ed Week. 

"Teacher put on leave after GOP candidate whines about rainbow poster in virtual classroom background""
Bollinger, Alex. (August 26, 2020) LGBTQ Nation. 

"Trump says Department of Education will investigate use of 1619 Project in schools"
Liptak, Kevin. (September 6, 2020) 

"Assistant principal placed on leave after saying F*&^ the police at protest"
Murphy, Justin. (September 6, 2020) Democrat & Chronicle. 

"Anti-racism student 'Pre-Assessment' at public high school"

"PA Parent says school's 'cultural proficiency' curriculum turns Martin Luther King's teachings 'upside down.'" Sept. 17, 2020, Fox News.

"Elite Private School in LA Rolls out 'Anti-Racism Policies: Some Students, Parents, and Alumni Aren't Pleased""
Brown, John. (September 21, 2020) Daily Wire. 

Trump signs executive order creating 1776 commission to promote patriotic education and combat school indoctrination.

"Tacoma teacher scolds 10-year-old for admiring Trump and then misleads parent (recorded)"
Rantz, Jason. (October 5, 2020) 

"Concerned mothers and activists at school board meeting"
(October 7, 2020)  

Nevada Mom sues Charter School

Ultra-woke learning standards are top threat to U.S. education

New learning standards proposed in MN

Ethnic studies teaches Latino kids to hate the US. It's divisive for Arizona.

Ethnic studies in California

Dalton parents fight 'anti-racism' agenda in scathing open letter

Student scolds teacher for having 'Blue Lives Matter' flag in classroom

A Burlington teacher who went to D.C. and shared voter fraud conspiracies with students is on leave

Prince William teacher on leave after Capitol riot comments during class

The Miseducation of America's Elites, City Journal, March 2021

How California is Embracing Racial Justice Study for all of its 1.7 Million High Schoolers, Real Clear Investigations, March 2021

School Pep Rally Against Whiteness, Real Clear Investigations, March 2021

US Dept of Education curbs decision against race based "affinity groups" NY Post, March 2021

Students in Boston public schools subjected to "unlicensed therapy." June 1, 2021, Boston Herald.

Black Florida mom opposes CRT in schools; calls it 'racist' June 2021, Daily Mail

Mom who survived Maoist purge rages against woke Loudoun County School Board for pushing 'neo-racism,' teacher warns against 'indoctrination camps' in classrooms June 2021, Daily Mail

Citizens of Illinois strongly support free speech; do not favor politicizing K-12 education

Illinois teacher sues; claims district 'equity' push violates US Constitution

Student exposes mental impact of CRT; says teacher made him feel like 'horseshit' and 'worthless scum undeserving of living"June 2021,

Angry Columbia Prep parents release video about school's critical race theory teachings

Father eviscerates critical race theory: Teaches my daughter “Her mother is evil
Prestigiacomo, Amanda. (July 6, 2021.)

Fourth grader says teacher told her to never repeat equity survey questions to parents
Tschetter, Hayley. (July 26, 2021.) Minnesota Sun.

It Was Just Disbelief’: Parent Files Complaint Against Atlanta Elementary School After Learning the Principal Segregated Students Based on Race
Savage, Niara. (August 10, 2021.) Atlanta Black Star.

Teachers Union Sues Mom Nicole Solas To Prevent School District From Releasing Critical Race Teaching Records
Jacobson, William. (August 4, 2021.) Legal Insurrection.

Minnesotans Take Legal Action Over Critical Race Theory
Ozimek, Tom. (August 1, 2021.) The Epoch Times.

GOP Urges Education Department To Investigate CRT Complaints. Biden Introduces Civil Rights Nominee Who May Approve Of CRT.
Clark, Crissy. (July 30, 2021.) The Daily Wire.

Fired administrator sues Sewickley Academy on racial discrimination grounds
Ove, Torsten, and Andrew Goldstein. (July 28, 2021.) Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Lehi Teacher Caught Making Controversial Statements Fired
Woodruff, Daniel, KUTV

Mystic Valley Complaint